Prescription Icicles


Big Daddy Bagger

Available in Prescription Lenses

Baby Bagger

Low Profile


Medium Size Aluminum Sunglasses

Bagger Chrome Icicles

Silver Mirror Tranistion Lenses


Light Weight Adventure Frame

Baby Bagger

Low Profile

Made for Bikers

The Original Aluminum Sunglass Company

Hear What Our Customers are Saying...

I loaned a pair to my battle before he went down range. He was caught in a firefight and during the event he broke the glasses completely. Once he returned he gave me the taped up glasses and said he owed me. I wrote Icicles about the issue they told me to pay for the shipping and they would take care if it. They sent me a brand new pair. I’m not sure if they do this for everyone cause I was willing to pay for the repair but they took care of me. I’ve been buying them for last 3 years and I will continue to support them cause they supported me and my battle. Thank you from bottom of my wallet!!!!

Joel Hunt (H-Train)

The glasses are well made and fit great. I bought the smoke lens version and they work great for riding (so far), great wind/sun protection and no movement what so ever. I will buy again! 

Rich Dyer

I am blind as a bat, found ICICLES  at the Las Vegas Biker Festival. I got a pair of Transition Baggers frames with the RX Lenses. I have heard people talk about this brand for over 10 to 15 years at the show. I am very impressed with there frames.

Gabriel Martinez

I get so many compliments about these sunglasses. All my friends ask me were I got them. I tell them that I have been buying ICICLES for years. Way to go guys!

Tom Williams

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