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“Bagger” Red Motorcycle Sunglasses (Smooth)
“Bagger” Red Motorcycle Sunglasses (Smooth)
“Bagger” Red Motorcycle Sunglasses (Smooth)
“Bagger” Red Motorcycle Sunglasses (Smooth)
“Bagger” Red Motorcycle Sunglasses (Smooth)
“Bagger” Red Motorcycle Sunglasses (Smooth)
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“Bagger” Red Motorcycle Sunglasses (Smooth)

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Here are our quality “Bagger” wraparound red motorcycle sunglasses made of aluminum. The sunglasses have a flat / smooth frame meaning there is not pattern on the biker sunglasses' frames.

And just like all of our motorcycle riding glasses there are multiple different lens colors and other options to get you can get the exact sunglasses you want. Finally the strength and quality of the sunglass lenses in these aluminum wraparound sunglasses make them perfect for riding.

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Red Aluminum Motorcycle Sunglasses  (Flat Frame) Specs

The frames are made of quality billet aluminum. And the aluminum not only makes for a good looking pair of biker-style glasses, but you can also bend the frames to get a custom fit for the shape of your face. 

  • We use the latest technology lens coatings to get you the best optical clarity with zero distortion, reduced peripheral light and glare, and greater depth perception. Plus these red aluminum wrap sunglasses give 100% protection from UVA, UVB, and short wave blue light rays.

  • All of our sunglasses / glasses use two mil thick poly-carbonate material. And all of our motorcycle eyewear meets or exceeds the ANSI standards for impact resistance and shatterproof protection.

  • Frame dimensions for the aluminum wraparound Bagger motorcycle glasses including frame, lens, and temple size can be seen in the Glasses Frame Dimensions

In The Box

  1. Your red custom motorcycle sunglasses
  2. Microfiber bag to store your riding sunglasses and to clean your lenses
  3. Lens holder for storing your extra sunglass lenses
  4. Hard case for protection and safe storage
  5. Foam insert that snaps in and out on a durable sub-frame for maximum wind protection