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History & Principles of Icicles®

First, the inspiration behind Icicles® Eyewear was simple - to design top quality motorcycle glasses. And by this we me mean glasses that protect your eyes from wind and debris. Also we set out to create sunglasses that are tough enough to ride across the country without them snapping in half. Finally, it was long overdue to see motorcycle sunglasses that had some style to them.

But back then the bikers didn’t have a lot of options. For instance without the internet, the options was a dealership, mall, or the occasional rally they went to.  

And this gave us even more inspiration so we began designing sunglasses in the mid-80s. First we had (and continue to have) extremely high standards for ourselves.  For instance our glasses must protect a rider’s eyes by lowering the amount of wind that gets into your eyes.

Next it was, and still is, mission critical to protect a rider’s eyes from rocks and debris. As you might remember there were a lot of glasses that would shatter if the lenses were hit hard. And this caused a lot of serious eye damage. Today we now use 2 mil thick poly-carbonate material that meets or exceeds ANSI standard for protection.  And these lenses don’t shatter and are impact resistant!!
Then we use billet aluminum for all of our biker glasses.  This makes the glasses extremely durable. Also it allows a rider to bend the glasses for a perfect fit.  And finally chromed and anodized aluminum looks awesome.

Also we have patented hinges to help get a comfortable custom fit. And the silicone nose pieces are not only comfortable, but they are also adjustable.

Now when you add in a number of styles and colors most companies would be really excited to have this quality of glasses. But we are always looking for ways to innovate. So we’ve added a number of options: single and progressive prescription, Transitions, mirrored Transitions, and Transition bifocals. And of this in addition course we have both polarized and polarized mirrored lenses.

So what is next for Icicles® Eyewear…constant improvement with our current products and innovative new designs and technology.