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Driving Principals

ICICLES USA® is a leading manufacture of innovated eyewear products created with the sports and leisure markets in mind. Located in the USA For over 20 years. ICICLES has created some of the most technologically advanced features and eye catching styles known to the eyewear industry. ICICLES® takes great pride in manufacturing in the USA and Italy with only top quality materials.


ICICLES® culture is centered on Quality.  We believe that our competitive edge is our quality.  In a pressure sensitive market place we continue to come back to our quality first mentality. Our customers have come to know us by this and they understand the value we bring to our product line.

For decades, ICICLES® has been the #1 choice for Outdoor Enthusiasts, Motorcyclists, Race Car Drivers, Athletes and the Demanding Consumer that requires top quality construction & durability as well as comfort and style.