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You need this for your prescription order! 

Our new PD measurement tool is designed to ensure your prescription lenses are a perfect fit for your eyes. PD is the important measurement between the center of your pupils, insuring your glasses work perfectly.


You need: 

a) A laptop computer with mouse and the camera activated. A tablet will work but the camera must be very stable for an accurate measurement 

b) A bank card with a magnetic stripe (they are all a standard size) 

c) Your hair pulled back and off your face 

d) Your glasses off 


With that done: 

Step 1 - Sit straight-on to the camera and look at the camera not the screen 

Step 2 - Hold the bank card over your mouth as shown in the picture 

Step 3 - Click Next to save the picture and move to the next screen 

Step 4 - Drag the angle lines so that they are touching the upper corners of the card

Step 5 - Drag the circles so they are centered to your pupils. 

Step 6 - Click Next and note the PD (Pupilar Distance) that is displayed  

NOTE: the more accurately you perform Steps 4 and 5 the better the test results! 


View our PD Measurement Tool Demo to see how the test works.

Now you have your PD measurement. If you also have your Rx/prescription* from your eye doctor, in either PDF or JPG image format, you are ready to place your order on the Order Prescription Icicles page. 

If you need help, please contact customer service by email at or by phone at 888-981-9970 from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST.  

* Your prescription must be current, less than one year old, and be issued by a qualified optical professional.