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How Transition Lenses Work

Icicles Transition Lenses

How Transition Lenses Work  - Own the night in a pair of Icicles® motorcycle sunglasses with light adjusting transition lenses. Go from clear to full tint in 90 seconds.

How Transition Light Adjusting Lenses Work

We developed the all new mirror transitional lenses for wearing day or night. Icicles® lens features state-of-the-art photochromic fusion technology that results in superior transitional performance. Unlike traditional photochromic lenses which utilize an exterior coating, our encapsulated photochromic dye is protected from the elements and thus the lifespan of our photochromic lenses is greatly improved.

When used indoors, the Icicles® lenses provide crystal clear vision and superior optics. When exposed to sunlight, the tint of the lens will automatically darken, reducing light transmission and provided the user with an all-encompassing utility lens suitable for any kind of activity.

ICICLE Transition Lenses

Important information on ICICLES™ lenses:

  • Lenses will take approximately 30-45 seconds to transition to dark.
  • Lenses will take approximately 45-60 seconds to transition back to clear.

Visit Icicles® at upcoming motorcycle rallies across the nation and try out a pair of Icicles mirror Transitional day/night lenses. Most Icicles Sunglasses are available in prescription lenses with our state of the art RX Lab and in polarized lenses.