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How To Change the Lenses In Your Icicles® Frames

Several customers have asked the best method to change lenses in our Icicles® frames. Here are instructions on how to remove and replace the Cruiser Bagger lenses on the Icicles® frame:

 To remove the lenses: pop out the lenses from the inside out. Push out.

Then replace the lenses: When you are replacing the lens simply take the lens from the opposite way, from the inside out and put it into the groove. Put some pressure down on the lens and snap it in.

It’s that easy. Push out from the inside out to remove and replace from the outside in. Nick the corner and you’re done.

Icicles® Eyewear are manufacturers of high end motorcycle riding protective eyewear, made of aircraft aluminum material with ANSI rated safety lenses for impact resistance and shatterproof protection. We developed the all new mirror transitional lenses for wearing day or night.

All frames are available for prescription lenses. Experience our patented aluminum frame design. Life though our lenses.