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NEW "Bagger" Aluminum Biker Sunglass Frame

Icicles® is excited to Introduce our new line of Eyewear. This new frame is called the Bagger™ Aluminum. Inspired by today's custom Bagger motorcycles these sunglasses have custom features that make them the perfect match for your ride.

The new Bagger™ frame pulls features from some our previous models. There are specific improvements that make this new version a game changer.

The new Bagger features a lighter and stronger alloy frame. It has a wider assortment of lens options include a new RX Prescription lens that launches later this year that will be like nothing you have ever seen before. The lens offering for the Bagger will also include a new TRIVEX™ Ballistic Rated Polycarbonate that will allow this product to have a full Z87 safety rating.

Biker Wearing Bagger Glasses for Blog

In addition there are three new frame sizes Big Daddy™, Bagger™ and Baby Bagger™. These new frames will offer a wider array of sizes and are more comfortable for all face shapes. As always, our products have the unique characteristic that they can be shaped to allow for the perfect fit. This is a big advantage over nylon frame sunglasses.

Previously available on our Cruiser™ line, the Switch Blade Goggle Conversion Clip™ makes the Bagger the perfect choice for motorcycle enthusiasts as it can quickly be converted to a goggle that provides added wind protection. This device will assist in the rider experiencing less eye fatigue and will key road dirt out of your field of vision. The clip has soft open cell foam that forms a seal around the eye socket.