Pilot - Gun Metal Grey RX

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The Pilot is a member of OFF THE BIKE series of sunglasses. Made from the most cutting edge materials in sunglasses, Pilot is lightweight and resilient on top of maintaining its iconic look. The aluminum materials used in its construction weigh less than an ounce while also providing extreme durability. Pilot sunglasses feature the square Aviator details of slim temples, the trademark double brow bar, rubber padded tips for ultimate comfort and grip and are prescription friendly.

Before you order prescription Icicles…

1 – Ready your valid prescription (less than 1 year old, issued by a qualified medical professional) in PDF or jpg image format

2 - Review the Lens List below to help with lens choice

3 – Have your PD measurement available. If needed, use our PD Measurement Tool and return here

4 – Confirm that your lenses and PD measurement will work with the Icicles you have chosen: Open Range Chart

Read our Prescription Lens Program overview. 

Transitions Signature Lenses

Transitions brand lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions. Featuring exclusive Chromea7TM technology, it is the fastest and most responsive lens in all lighting and temperature conditions. These lenses block 100% of UV rays and help protect against harmful blue light from digital devices, screens and especially bright sun.

Outdoors: Dark | Indoors: Fully Clear | Polarized: No | Behind the Wheel: Clear

Available Colors

Transitions Signature Lens Colors

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses reduce glare by controlling the way that light passes through the lens to your eyes. Polarization allows the passage of vertically oriented light waves that allow you to see what you need to see, and blocks horizontally aligned waves that cause glare from reflections off road and other surfaces. Our lenses provide 100% UV protection and, like our other prescription lenses, are made of polycarbonate for increased strength and shatter-resistance. 

Outdoors: Dark | Indoors: Dark | Polarized: Yes | Behind the Wheel: Dark

Available Colors

Polarized Lens Colors

Non-Polarized Lenses

Unlike polarized lenses, tinted lenses do not control what wavelengths of light pass through the lenses, they just reduce the intensity of the light. While we think polarized is the best option for most riders, some prefer the vision provided by non-polarized lenses and the fact that LCD screens, which fill society, are easier to view. These lenses also provide 100% UV protection and, like our other prescription lenses, are made of polycarbonate for increased strength and shatter-resistance. 

Outdoors: Tinted | Indoors: Tinted | Polarized: No | Behind the Wheel: Tinted

Available Colors

Non-Polarized Lens Colors

Mirror Finishes

Our mirror coatings can be applied to all our available lenses, except for HR Road. Colored mirrors can help to crank up your look with a little added style.

Available Colors

Mirror Finishes

A note about the colors shown: The colors shown above are representative and the actual color will vary based on the lens selected and the screen on which you view.

AR – Anti-Reflective No-Glare Lenses

AR stands for Anti-Reflective, and AR lenses provide clearer vision, reduced glare - night and day, and are easier to keep clean than glasses without AR. Advanced technology AR coatings nearly eliminate the reflected light, which can cause glare, and that allows more light to enter the eye for visual sharpness. AR is especially beneficial in reducing the “flare” effect from oncoming headlights at night. Certain layers added in the AR process cause water to bead up and roll off more readily and oily smears from fingerprints to be easily wiped away.

Transitions Signature Lenses get an additional benefit from AR since they are fully clear when indoors. AR helps reduce reflections and people can see your eyes more clearly.

For mirrored lenses, the AR is only applied to the backside of the lens and provides protection from reflections of light entering from behind the lenses.

Whichever lens type you select, adding AR will improve your visual comfort and acuity, resulting in reduced eye strain and a better, safer ride.

Safety Rated Lenses and Frames

ICICLES EYEWEAR is committed to providing excellence in technology and construction for each product we design.  Our products meets the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements, and is marked with the ANSI Z87

We are passionate about our product that we provide to the marketplace.  In recent studies, according to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), workplace eye injuries are a leading cause of eye trauma, vision loss, and blindness. An estimated 2,000 eye injuries occur in the workplace every day.  The American Academy of Ophthalmology states that nearly 90 percent of all eye injuries could have been prevented by using the right kind of protective eyewear.

The following product sizes are recommend for Large, Medium and Small Face Shapes. If you not sure, our sales representatives can make a recommendation.

Frame Size:


Large Face Shape/Size Big Daddy Bagger
Cruiser Large
Cylinder Aluminum (Large Lens)
Raven Aluminum
    Medium Face Shape/Size

    Cruiser Medium
    Cylinder Aluminum
    Midnight Rider

      Small Face Shape/Size Baby Bagger
      Cruiser Small
      Cylinder Aluminum (Small Lens)